In the framework of the Interreg MED programme, the MED Renewable Energy (RES) Community has been created, in the early 2017, in order to disseminate, emphasise and capitalise the results of the different projects belonging to the latter and dedicated to RES. One of the tool realised for that goal, by the MED RES Community manager team, is the present WEBGIS platform.

A WebGIS platform is a Geographic Information System (GIS) published on the Internet.

The Interreg MED RES Community WebGIS platform is structured in 2 sections opened to the public:

  1. The WebGIS section is dedicated to the cartographic elements, and includes some thematic maps related to renewable energy and to MED RES Community;
  2. The Document Manager section, a selection of relevant documentation, where thematic reports and technical data related also to the map elements are accessible.

The main basic features typical of the MED RES Community WebGIS are:

  • on-line representation of cartographic maps;
  • visualisation and selection functions as in GIS software;
  • display information sheets;
  • creation of eventual user's own map and print function;
  • advanced research of data and documents on the both sections.

The use of the Interreg MED RES Community WebGIS platform is free, after a fast registration. A short user manual is available on the documental section. For any comments or information request, do not hesitate to contact Marianna Franchino ( and/or Alexia Boulanger ( from Environment Park.


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